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And The Winner Is...

>> Tuesday, September 20, 2005

F**cing Blogger. I had a long moment-by-moment post. Gone. All gone. Bastards. And I couldn't even post this until this morning.

*sigh* JD won. But they gave Marty a solo career. I guess that's something.

But MiG... honestly... he was a fan favorite til the end. I think the band made a mistake.

MiG chose Bohemian Rhapsody for his song. Not a wise choice. He didn't perform it as well as I had hoped. It needed more drama. JD sang You Can't Always Get What You Want; and overdid it, in my opinion. It was like Elvis met the Stones. And Marty did Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here. Which probably didn't do him any good; INXS already knew he could sing it.

Grrr, I am just not happy with the results. I guess I haven't bought an INXS CD in 20 years... a few more won't kill me.

Be ready for the tabloids... Temper, turmoil & trouble... I hope JD's true colors come out on tour in a big, bad way. (insert evil laugh)

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