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>> Thursday, July 03, 2008

Last night was another installment of our FPU class. AS we listened to the "Sharks in Business Suits" class we thought of a few people who could really use this class.

I think the thing that struck me the most was when Dave said that we needed to "stop worshiping at the ground of the almighty FICO". How many times have you been told that you need to have a certain score? Yep, all. the. time. I know.

But do you know that if you have cash to pay for things that those three little numbers just don't matter? Really. Let's say you have $16,000 cash to buy a car. The car you want is $19,000. Do you think the dealer is going to hassle you about $3000? Nope, he wants the cash in your hand and you're going to get the car you want for what you want to pay.

And don't think you have to have a FICO score to buy a house, either. Well, not if you can put down 20-50%.

Yeah, I know, no one puts that much money down on a house anymore. But the more I learn the more I wish we could go back a few years and begin living like no one else so someday we can live like no one else.

And speaking of living like no one else.... Today I got an email from a woman at my church. She is a consultant for one of those "at home party" companies... I'm not sure exactly which one. But I know that she hosts a lot of "open houses". The email today was for 3 different "parties" at one time! Yikes! Now, I like these little gatherings as much as the next person but I always feel obligated to buy something. And then I spend money that really would be better spent elsewhere. And heaven knows I guard my "fun" money with an iron fist!

So I replied to her email with this note:

We’re “Doing Dave” and house parties are not within the budget parameters we have set to get out of debt. While I truly appreciate the invites I would really like to be removed from you mailing lists for these types of events.

Thanks for helping me stick to my path towards being debt free!

Will it get me off her list? I doubt it. But it made me feel better.

PS Know anyone who wants Thomas Kinkade paintings? I've got a few to sell...


Sincerely Iowa 2:59 PM  

Good for you! I hate getting invited to those parties, because I just couldn't say NO to buying stuff.

Now I've learned my lesson...although I think I've been labeled a "non-buyer" because I've stopped getting invites! LOL

Darla 6:26 PM  

Home parties ~shudder~

Don't ya just love Dave? He makes it "cool" to say "hey we're doin Dave" HAHAHAHA!

Debi 5:59 AM  

Good for you! :) And, ya' know, I have a friend who introduced us to 'Dave' and they ARE saving up to buy a house with cash and don't need a FICO score! It's been so encouraging and motivating to watch them! Her name is Crystal and she has a site at: www.moneysavingmom.com Her ideas have saved me a ton of money, too! You'll have to check her out. :)

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