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Pictures from Bush Townhall Meeting

>> Saturday, October 04, 2003

It has been determined that Jody has the steadier hand with the camera and that our new toy picks up on every vibration, especially over distances. Here's the best of the crop. Sorry that so many are blurry!

Pay no attention to the date. I put it as a year old post so that the front page would load fast. If anyone knows a better way to do it, let me know!

Babe for Bush

Yes! Iowa is Bush Country

Jody, ready to see the Prez

Sign in the corner


aka_Meritt 8:11 AM  

Glad you took photos!

I was hoping I'd come here first thing this morning and see you already updated your site. I wanted to see how yesterday went. Thanks for putting it up so quickly! :)

Doug Halsted 10:17 AM  

I've found the transcripts on the White House web site. I've added the link at the top of the text part of the post!

I hope a did a fair job summarizing, there was a lot of material! Everyone that I've talked with is still buzzed about how good a job Bush did. He needs to do this more often. He laid out the challenges he's faced, a few of his accomplishments, put a personal face on the tax relief and announced what he wants to do his next term. Everything potential voters need to hear.

Did you see on Drudge and the OpinionJournal that letters to the editor exclaiming how great Kerry did at the debates and how bad Bush did started arriving at newspapers hours before the debates even started? Hmmm, how could that be? The OpinionJournal also has side by side comparisons of letters and the similarities are astounding.

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