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What $30.00 can get you...

>> Wednesday, September 07, 2005

On our way home from the family bike ride/cookout on Sunday, my bicycle fell off the bike rack on the car (it's a women's bike and it's a pain in the rear to get on the bike rack for a number of reasons). We were traveling at around 60 mph when it took a tumble. After securing the bike to the rack again, we took it home a bit more slowly than before.

At home, I discovered the back wheel was bent, shifting gears made the chain fall off, the seat and one of the grips were kinda shredded. I took the bike to the shop in town where it was purchased about 5 years ago. The guy told me he would call with an estimate before performing the required work.

When I returned from playgroup today, there was a message on my home machine asking if they could go ahead with the work. They said it would cost $30.00 plus tax. Hee hee. I was expecting A LOT more. He said "it needs a lot of little things, but they all add up" and "you're really lucky it wasn't a complete loss" since it fell off going 60 mph. I should be biking again in a few days!

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