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Way Back Wednesday...for me, too

>> Wednesday, July 13, 2005

With my 15 year class reunion coming up this weekend, I thought this might prepare me to see all those horrible pictures again! Here's my senior class photo:

Junior prom, Mom made this little number. I loved the 'mermaid' tail. I apologize that my Australian exchange date's eyes are closed. It's the only one I could find from Junior Prom. Also, my hair got whacked off right before class photos were taken, so my hair is a lot shorter than I would have liked. Jody & I shared my junior/her senior prom. Quite interesting! As you can tell, Jody and I were not so alike back then! As we get older, we seem to be a bit more alike!

Senior prom, the dress was all stretchy. It was a mini with (again) a mermaid type skirt (all gauzy with sequins on the lower edges). I loved that dress!

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