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Splash Park

>> Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Yesterday my neighbor & I took our kids to the Splash Park in town (Jody & Brenna joined us a bit later). What a GREAT idea for young kids! There are all kinds of sprinklers and fountains set on a huge cement slab for little ones to run through. I wish I had taken my camera, and I will next time so you all can see what I am talking about!

There was a circle of fountains about 3 feet across. Every couple of minutes, the fountain would stop, and the kids would get their faces close to the ground. My little one kept saying "Where are you, water?". Needless to say, he got sprayed in the face several times. We were there for an hour and a half, and the kids wanted to play more.

What a great alternative to the city pool, where you have to constantly watch to make sure they don't fall into the pool! Never mind it's so overcrowded it's ridiculous! And it was only a dollar each to get in. It's open at 10 AM, too, so you can still have afternoon naps. I wish they had a season pass, but at $3.00 a visit it's a bargain!

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