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My Son, Jack Sparrow

>> Monday, August 28, 2006

Lately, my youngest has taken to wearing a bandana around his head so he can pretend to be a pirate. Today at day care, he took it one step further. He refused to answer unless his teacher called him 'Jack Sparrow'. The only exception: when called by his name, he would correct you. I gave him a hug & kiss & said 'Goodnight, Ethan'. To which he replied...'Say goodnight, Jack Sparrow'. I'm in trouble.

You also might enjoy a few choice one liners from the past couple of weeks:

When Ethan saw two state patrolmen driving a golf cart at the Iowa State Fair, he said "Look, Daddy, they're cowboys. The have shooters."

In a very echoey restroom at a restaurant, Ethan repeated over & over "Victory is mine!" the entire time he was going.

Viewing the Percherons (draft horses) at the fair "Mommy, does he have a butt?"

Sorry this is so short, but I hope you all got a chuckle.

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