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My Big Boy

>> Friday, July 29, 2005

My first baby is going to preschool this fall. I have had his name on a waiting list for the last several months to get into the preschool I chose. His name was first on the list. I left a message with one of the ladies last week to see if there had been any dropouts. No call back for over a week. With August fast approaching, I decided it was high time I chose a backup plan. I called some other preschools (which are too few for our town, BTW), and decided to go check another one out. It is offered by a gymnastics school. The kids will go to the gymnastics 'gym' to work on large motor skills once a week. They have trampolines built into the floor of the place. SOLD...Carter wanted to stay & play!

Wouldn't you know, I had a message when I got home from paying for registration plus first month's tuition. My first choice had a cancellation. Oh well, he's going to Triad (second choice). If it doesn't work out, I will call my original first choice. I think he'll be happy either way.

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