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>> Thursday, May 12, 2005

This morning, Carter is following me around saying "Oh my Gawd" over & over & over. I am not sure what started this bit of craziness, but it's all he has been saying for the last twenty minutes.

I booked our trip to Florida Tuesday evening. We'll be flying direct from Des Moines into Orlando because I found a REALLY great deal on the itty bitty airline we used to fly to Las Vegas. That's about 3 hours from the in-laws, but REALLY, the deal is worth it. Plus, I don't mind driving. So, we're going to sunny Florida in September for a week. It should be HOT and STICKY, but the in-laws have a pool that the kids are very excited to use!

My children have never been on an airplane, and I am pretty sure the 3 year old will ask me about it every day until we leave. Yesterday (all day long) he asked about flying on an airplane. It went a little something like this:

"When are we going to ride on an airplane? "
"Four months from now, that's a long time."
"I want to ride on the airplane today."
"Not today, in four months."
"No, not tomorrow. In September"
"Next week?"

Ok, I give up!

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