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>> Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Today is the final day I will leave to go to work when my husband arrives home. I have worked part-time since I left my 'real' job three + years ago (working only 3 evenings a week). I have enjoyed having scheduled time away from my children. I have enjoyed bringing home a small amount of money. I have enjoyed a very casual atmosphere, where I could pretty much wear whatever I please. I have enjoyed a workplace that worked around my limited availability.

I have not enjoyed giving up one Saturday a month to work with people who are always late and who don't care what kind of job they do. I have not enjoyed the inability to really use my brain (this job take little thought). I have not enjoyed making 1/2 of the wages per hour that I was used to making before. I have not enjoyed arriving home at 10:30 PM wide awake, getting to sleep around midnight, and waking at 6:30 AM with my boys (not nearly enough sleep).

For now, I am going to enjoy spending time with my husband and kids together in the evenings. I am going to go to the park whenever the kids want to go because I won't have to leave for work. I am going to take the boys to see their great-grandparents to see the new calves on the farm more often. I am going to try to relax the schedule a bit & let things happen as they will.

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