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Class Reunion

>> Monday, February 21, 2005

My 15 year high school reunion is fast approaching, and I have received the first of what I assume will be several communications from former classmates. I live relatively close to my old hometown, and many of my classmates live and work in Des Moines. I have kept in close touch with few of my classmates. Those that I really want to see, that is. I even worked with a few before I decided to stay at home.

The truth is I had quite a few friends, and I managed to cross many cliques. But I never really felt like I could be myself with a lot of the people I went to high school with. There was one group of girls who were particularly well-off and snobbish. While they were 'nice' to you, you could never really be 'in' with them. For some reason, time has not made this fact any easier for me to get past. I am feeling a little dread about the get-together even though I had a lot of fun at the last reunion.

I am sure I will go, but I will probably make myself sick thinking about it. Nothing like those old feelings of inadequacy resurfacing after 15 years....

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