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The Mice

>> Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I work outside the house for a small company 3 nights a week (incredibly boring customer service). For the past month or so, I have noticed we have a visitor. I call him Gus. The office is attached to a warehouse, which is how I suspect he got in. He doesn't seem to be particularly bothersome to the management, as they have let him live this long. He has gotten into desk drawers and eaten crackers and other little snackie treats people keep there. He has left my tea bags alone. Go figure.

Anyway, today when I got to work, I noticed these little 6 x 6 inch pieces of paper lying by the walls and doorways. Apparently, they are sticky traps (with no bait) that my moronic management thinks will trap the little bugger...or buggers. You see, I think Gus should have been named Giselle. There are now MULTIPLE mice running around. I have seen one big one since I arrived, and my co-worker saw a baby. NICE.

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