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Family Dinner...and the Aftermath

>> Wednesday, January 05, 2005

This evening, my mother is spending the night at our house due to crappy weather. So, I made a nice pasta bake & garlic bread for dinner. My oldest son, 3, refused to eat until I moved over to his side of the table. Then, he would only eat my dinner. After about 5 bites, I switched him over to his own plate. Ok so far.

The next thing I know, he's kind of gagging. He has been known to upchuck an entire meal because we made him try something he didn't like. I told him "You don't dare do that again". Start counting backward from 10 now.....

His dinner was all over the table, his chair and the floor. Not to mention his clothes. He has got to be the pickiest child on the face of the earth, and if I didn't love him so much.....I MIGHT COMPLETELY LOSE CONTROL.

He got a bath early and will probably get to go to bed early. SO FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW! My mother has got to be so impressed!

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