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Yeah Christmas…..11 days early

>> Tuesday, December 14, 2004

What day is today? At your house, it’s probably just December 14, but at my house it’s Christmas morning. While I was in the shower, my 3 year old ringleader and 2 year old follower unloaded their Christmas stockings and unwrapped some little toys inside. When I came down the stairs, the wrapping paper was strewn all over the floor, but the toys were nowhere to be found.

They knew what they were doing was naughty because the toys were partially hidden beside the couch. I had to ask where the toys were!

I took down the stockings, which were hanging from the wooden stair railing (we don’t have a fireplace), and told the kids they were not going to get the gifts they have already seen. In reality, we will re-wrap them and put the stockings out on Christmas eve.

They both sat down on the couch with huge frowns and hanging heads. They were so sad looking up at me. Guess we won’t even attempt to put any presents under the tree! Maybe next year…..

I found out later today that my friend’s little girl opened gifts under the big tree at Grandma’s house this morning while Mommy was in the shower. And another friend’s daughter opened gifts, but it’s OK because it is Han-kuk-ah. They’re not Jewish. Glad I’m not alone!!!

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