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When Spam Blockers Go Awry

>> Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I have been waiting all day for Jody's invitation to arrive via e-mail so I could blog about my morning. I made Jody send a second invite, since I didn't receive the first one. I even wrote it all up on Word first so I don't make a complete a.s.s. of myself on my first post. Meanwhile, the invitations are stuck in the Spam blocker on my lovely internet host. Jody stopped by this afternoon with Baby Brenna to show her off to a friend, and I suddenly realized the invites might have been caught by the Spam blocker. When I looked at the quarantine report, I had two invitations to BLOG.

Now I am stuck at work and my nicely written piece is at home on the computer. I am sure you will be waiting anxiously for the story. And wait you shall.....

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